WordPress 5.7 Major Release : From HTTP to HTTPS in a single click

In WordPress 5.7, it is much easier for users to migrate their sites from HTTP to HTTPS. Switching a site from HTTP to HTTPS is a one-click move. WordPress will automatically update database URLs when you make the switch if the user’s hosting environment has support for HTTPS.

Why should I use HTTPS ?

An HTTPS connection is a more secure way of browsing the web. Many services now have HTTPS as a requirement. HTTPS allows you to take advantage of new features that can increase site speed, improve search rankings, and gain the trust of your visitors by helping to protect their online privacy.

What need to do?

Go to Tools -> Site Health from WordPress Admin Area. Here you can see a title like “Your website does not use HTTPS” in recommended improvements or critical issue section. After clicking on that title, you can see a button “Update your site to use HTTPS”. Click on it. That will switch your WordPress and Site URL settings and update URLs in your content to use HTTPS.

Update your site to use HTTPS

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