Implement Insertion Sort in PHP


  1. Start Iterate from data_array[1] to data_array[n].
  2. Compare the current element to its predecessor.
  3. If the current element is smaller than its predecessor, move the predecessor elements to current elements key until the current element is greater then predecessor element and place the current element in its appropriate position.
$data_array = [1,3,44,22,38,5,47,15,36,26,27,12];

function insertion_sort( $data_array ){
	for( $i=1; $i < count( $data_array ); $i++ ){
		$item = $data_array[$i];
		$j = $i - 1;
		while( $j >= 0 && $data_array[$j] > $item ){
			$data_array[$j+1] = $data_array[$j];
		$data_array[$j + 1] = $item;
	return $data_array;

echo '<h1>Before Sort</h1>';
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';
echo "<br>";
echo '<h1>After Sort</h1>';
$sorted_items = insertion_sort( $data_array ); 
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';


Insertion Sort in PHP

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